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Antibody test for rabies

For reference: The neutralizing antibodies against rabies must be at least 0.5 IU / ml.


The biggest challenge for pet owners is that the determination of antibodies to be produced in a laboratory accredited by the EU. In the Republic of Kazakhstan we do not have of such laboratories. Representative of the majority of accredited laboratories, with a list of which can be found at:  http://europa.eu.int , is the Center for Veterinary Clinic of Surgery and Traumatology "SOLNYSHKO". The clinic specializes, including the preparation of documents for traveling with animals, primarily, advice and assist in passing the test: they carry out blood sampling, sending blood to obtain a certificate. In the international passport of your pet veterinary will make a note of passing the test, and the clinic will be kept duplicates. Thus, you can always recover the information for future trips. Vet clinic "SOLNYSHKO" carries blood to send to other laboratories of South Africa, USA, Canada, Australia and others.

The peculiarity of sending samples of blood is the blood of the animal must be delivered no later than the next day, after the capture. A payment for laboratory services performed only by written order, and accepted only from accredited vet hospitals, with all the accompanying documents.

The procedure for preparing and transporting is easy. After a preliminary reading the number of the microchip, produced the animal is blood sampling (which is only 2-3 ml), the blood is centrifuged and separated serum and placed in a special shipping tube (this helps to make the sample suitable for testing for rabies within one week). The prepared sample, together with supporting documents in English, sent to the laboratory by courier. The test results are delivered to the laboratory by courier as soon as available.

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