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Welcome to the website PetID.kz-the first National united database of electronic identification of animals of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The first National united database of the electronic identification of animals PetID.kz combines data about the animals identified by microchips and their owners living on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as animals identified in the Republic of Kazakhstan, but living abroad. This information is in 24-hour open on-line access and can be used when visiting the veterinarian, to return lost pets to their owners, to insurance, to prevent tampering, the animals at the shows and purebred breeding, while traveling abroad, as well as in many other cases.

Registration information is available in a permanent online access to the same largeinternational databases to facilitate the identification of animal movements and search for animals around the world.

Register your pets with us and take advantage of international integration in the exchange of information about the animals with electronic identification!

PetID.kz - database of the microchippedanimals, and links to locate information about the owners.

PetID.kz -is the only one in the Republic of Kazakhstan database, joint with a worldwide network of search pets.

PetID.kz -help finding lost animals.

PetID.kz -information about the centers of microchipping animals.

PetID.kz -information about microchips and scanners that are used throughout the world.

PetID.kz -new degree of freedom for you and your pets.

The main purpose of creating our database is systematization of information about animals, and increasing the likelihood of return of lost animals to the owner.

Electronic identification of animalsis reasonable step to protect the rights of your pet. Electronic passport-pledge your peace of mind.

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