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Appeal to owners of animals!

All pets have special veterinary passport, which entered all the information regarding immunizations and other preventive measures. However, not everyone knows that there is a modern analogue of the usual passport, namely - the electronic identification of animals. Chipping animals is widespread throughout the world. The idea of ​​equipping pet electronic chips has a twenty-year history. In all European countries chipping of animals is routine procedure, such as vaccination against rabies. Clubs and breeders of pedigreed dogs and cats use microchips to ensure the thoroughbred breeding.

What exactly is this technique?

Chipping of dogs, cats and other pets, including the exotic is follows: pet is getting syringe injection, which resulted in his body ingested a microchip with identification number and remains with the animal throughout its life.Microchip itself contains only digital information. The microchip has a 15 digit code, where the first 3 digits - digit code of the country, the following 4 numbers - the manufacturer's code, and the next 8 - an individual animal code. Chips that you buy from us, in accordance with ISO 11784 and ISO 11785, the first three digits of the chip 398 - digit code of the Republic ofKazakhstan, so that crossing the border, just to be clear of animal origin.

To providethe chip all the data about you and your pet (breed, name, special signs of animal, name and address of owner, etc.) you must register the microchip in the first National database of electronic identification of animals of Kazakhstan.

Subsequently, if necessary, the data will be available to you on the site PetID.kz online access around the clock.

Identification of animals by chipping has several advantages:

1)      The procedure is almost painless for the animal. (Unlike branding, chipping pet feel like a normal injection).

2)      No need to repeat the procedure. (Thanks to a coating of biocompatible glass microchip is not rejected by the body the animal, it does not cause discomfort and do not migrate).

3)      Providing a lifetime of electronic identification, reducing the risk of loss or substitution of an animal (this is especially true for owners of show dogs and cats with a rich pedigree).

4)      Simplification of customs control while traveling in EU countries (in 2004, all pet owners who plan to attend the EU must equip pet by microchip) and other foreign countries – USA, UAE, Australia, Canada, Japan and more others.

Chipping of animals helps the owner to insure against loss of a true friend.There is nothing worse than unsuccessful search for the lost cat or dog, but due to chipping the animal back to you as soon as possible, because each veterinarian and animal control stations have special scanners that allow finding all the information about the animal. So there is no doubt - take care of your pet in advance.

Over the past few years, along with chipping pets, electronic identification wasmassively used in animal husbandry. Livestock microchipping provides an individual approach and strict control of livestock and disease control.

Today's progressive zoos use microchips for identification and registration of their animals as well as chipping of wild animalsfor the control of migration and population in the wild.

Spend a painless procedure and register  microchip in our database, and your pet will always be with you!

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