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You love to travel, or you just need to constantly travel abroad for work. However, the desires to travel with your family or need constant trips set a problem to you if one member of your family is - a pet. The problems of transportation across the border or across the country with pets - dogs, cats, ferrets or any other pets sometimes seem intractable and complex. There are certain difficulties faced by pet owners when traveling: where and how to execute documents for the export or import of which documents need to have a pet, what are the requirements for the import from the host country, which the airline engaged in transportation of animals, which hotels allow pets to stay, and Of course how to take care of the health of your pet on a trip.

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Antibody test for rabies

This study should be carried out only once the animal for life, subject to strict compliance with the regime of annual vaccination. Analysis of the content of antibodies against rabies can be taken no earlier than 30 days after vaccination against rabies, but no later than 3 months prior to export. Some countries have their own standards for delivery of the analysis. For example, for the importation of animals in Sweden analysis can be taken no earlier than 120 days after the last vaccination against rabies.


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List of vaccines (with component of "RABIES"), approved by the EU





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